Carefully constructed. Consciously crafted.

For those larger than life campfire STORIES.


CLothes that move with you.

Where legends are made

Legendary status

First, in the pursuit of your passion. On the trails. Moving, breathing, being active, and just doing the things others dream of. The days begin with a simple venture and inevitably become something just short of legendary.

Later in the day and surrounded by friends, safely back from the wilds of the venture, the tale gets told. The legend becomes even more remarkable – truths get stretched. Lines get blurred, laughter is shared, and details are questioned.

Regardless of the truth, the captivating account of the day’s venture comes to life with vibrant authenticity because the real legend sits in front of them. TRO is carefully constructed, consciously crafted clothes with our mother earth in mind. Let us take you from the mountain to mingle and back again. Live. To tell the tale.


Attention to the details.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our ODP button-down long sleeve has a unique venting system that keeps you dry and cool without sacrificing aesthetics. At the same time, providing additional ergonomic design features like our signature slot buttons, non-slip phone pockets, and snap-button collars to outfit your active lifestyle with ease.

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We care a lot about sustainable practices and want to be environmentally friendly, like when we are camping. Our clothes are made with at least 30% recycled polyester, and our core value is to continue pushing the design envelope to reduce our carbon footprint. We are very proud of the Recycled Flannel, produced from 100% water bottles.

Mckenzie River

Eugene, OR