We are founded on the idea of discovery and making those natural connections whether in the city or in the wild. We craft clothes for all of the adventures, to tell new stories. 


We believe in authenticity and a genuine connection to the outside. We laugh a lot and try not to take life too seriously. It's those moments where you said you caught a fish "this big" and share the story when you swear "that was a UFO." Times spent with friends and your dogs around a campfire recounting those exploits, stretching stories to be slightly funnier and cooler. 


Every detail and every stitch is connected with a purpose. Outfitting people to handle any journey, any adventure while connecting inspiration from our favorite places and stories. This results in a fusion of performance with an undeniable look while keeping sustainability at the forefront so we can protect the places where our stories are born.

TRO is inspired by spur-of-the-moment road trips, adventures into unknown places and bat-shit crazy stories that result in borderline legendary “you ‘member that time we…” experiences. Day hikes that turned into bids for survival. The what the hell was that UFO moment in New Mexico that spurred a conspiracy theory rant that we later decided was too far out there (bourbon and beers around a roaring campfire often times brings clarity). See, we make clothes that make these venerated moments feel right. Performance. Fit. Respect for the outdoors.

TRO is always present – in the moment – creating comfort in the experience subtly contributing to your story.

At TRO our clothes are designed to help you perform at your best while looking great. First, in the pursuit of your passion. On the trails. Moving, breathing, active and just doing the things others dream of. The days that begin with a simple venture and inevitably become something just short of ... legendary!

Later in the day and surrounded by friends, safely back from the wilds of the venture, the tale gets told. The legend becomes even greater – truths get stretched. Lines get blurred. Laughter shared. Details questioned. Regardless of the truth, the captivating account of the day’s venture comes to life with a vibrant authenticity because in front of them, the real legend sits.